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Nine-lamp strong light headlight

High-bright wick/USB fast charge/portable body

Long shot
Life waterproof
Long battery life
Anti-drop and wear-resistant

Strong light irradiation headlamp

Eight advantages

Powerful features all in one

High brightness wick
Strong light long range
Multi-gear light source
Long-lasting battery life
Good heat dissipation performance
Gear design
Anti-drop and wear-resistant
Life grade waterproof

Spotlight XPE main light

Deepen the reflective light cup, spotlight far, brightness comparable to car lights

Built-in high-capacity lithium battery

True capacity, no false label, built-in polymer lithium battery

Adjustable angle of 90°

USB charging port

Four in one switch

Product Details

USB interface
Elastic webbing

Product parameters

Name: Strong light headlamp

Lamp beads: XPE

Material: ABS

Charging: USB charging

Waterproof: Life waterproof

Gear: 4 gears

Battery: High-capacity lithium battery

Product Show

large area illuminance

High-brightness long-range, camping outdoor adventure
Close range and wide range, dispel the darkness in front of you

Illuminate the night

Bright light for you to brighten the night

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