Fishing Lure Bait Sinking Propeller Jointed Swimbait

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QQNAL Lure Glider Slow Sinking Vibration 130mm Metal Web Soft Glow Light Fins Good Swimming Lure Hard Lure Swinger



slow sinking mixed lure

Easy to shake and rotate 180 degrees

Soft and durable fins with glowing effect

Super sharp and sturdy hook

Chin attachment point for extra weight

Metal plates for color contrast, water vibrations and glitter

Target Species: Saltwater: Tarpon, Permit, Redfish, Striped Bass, Mackerel, Bluefish, Seatrout, Snook

Freshwater: Bass (small and large), Peacock Bass, Trout, White Eyed Bass, Muskie, Pike, Catfish