Face Lifting Mask

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The fastest, most effective way to remove double chin

Medical silicone technology lifts your skin leaving a long-lasting effect, and additionally improves your skin elasticity permanently. With consistent use, you'll notice a slimmer, more attractive look.

  • safe for your skin
  • the effect after the first use 

Say Goodbye to your double chin

Designed for multiple use, the double chin will be removed naturally without spending a lot of time, money, and effort.

  • 10 minutes per week
  • reusable 10 times
  • compatible with all skins types

Painless and Gentle

The mask is easy to use and doesn’t cause any pain or irritation, making it a hassle-free addition to your skincare routine that you can enjoy at home.

The effect of medical silicone has been scientifically proven.

This mask works by using medical silicone to apply gentle pressure and support to the skin, resulting in a more defined jawline and reduced appearance of double chin. With regular use, the effects will last.

Clinical studies have also shown its effectiveness in enhancing skin elasticity and overall facial contour.

Use for 10 minutes weekly

1. Take out the mask and remove the protective film.

2. Stretch each side and place from the center of the face.

3. Slowly hang the upper mask openings over your ears.

4. Perform the same with the lower mask.